Financial Control Services

Mortgage Servicing Solutions

Our focus as a Financial control Servicves company is to assist lending institutions and mortgage servicing companies in preserving loans and properties by managing the risks associated with mortgage delinquency, default, bankruptcy and foreclosure. We do this by offering the following services: 

Property Inspections

We conduct efficient and timely property inspections in instances of mortgage delinquency,default and foreclosure.  we offer occupancy inspections, on site delinquency contacts, bankruptcy reports in accordance with local state and federal requirements.  Our field servicing technicians are skilled in assesing and doucmenting property conditions. 


Maintenance and Preservation

No one wins when a home is foreclosred, but we can hop insure you don't incur further losses by preserving and maintaining the exterior and interor of each property.  Our maintenancfe and preservations services include:

Lock Changes/securing

Lawn Maintenance


Debris Removal

Loss Mitigation

One of the major reasons servicing attempts at loss mitigation alternatives is failure of the homeowner to submit necessary documentation in a timely manner. Another problem is customer understanding of the process.   W. K. Carter and Associates has personnel certified in loss mitigation alternatives and the capacity to meet one on one or in group sessions with your customers to explain alternatives to foreclosure and to assist with the completion of workout packages.


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